Side of Pork

Side of Pork


Our heritage breed hogs are on a great big pasture. They eat grass, kitchen scraps and unsold vegetables from the neighboring farm as well as some supplemental feed.

Spoiled rotten and well-fed, they come running every day for their favorite veggies – tomatoes and cauliflowers- and get their belly scratch.

Half a hog is $5/lb. based on the hanging weight - after the hog is butchered, insides, head, legs removed, what's left is the ''hang weight''.

You give us any cutting specifications you have, otherwise it will be cut the ''regular way''. You will take home about 72% of the hang weight in meat – so if a hog's hang weight is 100 lbs. you will pay us $500 and take home about 75 lbs. of meat.

I want it!

Types of cuts you would get (unless specified otherwise):

Roast, Chops, Ham steaks, Tenderloin, Ground, Bacon, Fat