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Welcome to Thyme For Ewe Farm!

When I was pregnant with my first son, I got such a bad cold that I couldn't shake off. I tried to reach to Doctors and pharmacy and nurses to get help, but there is absolutely nothing they could do for me! That is when I started to look for alternative ways to help myself heal. Well one of them isn't so alternative! You are using it every single day, three times a day!

- Let Food be your Medicine -

But nutritional foods are usually hiding behind mountains of chips and pop at the grocery store. And unless you know exactly what you are looking for, it is quite discouraging when you end up not finding it.

We believe that we can make a difference in the world by raising ethical meat in a sustainable way, and that you can make a difference in your life by choosing local and nutritious food.

We are a living example of it.

That’s why we do what we do. Our ethical meat comes from animals that enjoyed a good life with access to the outdoors, which in turn provide the highest level of nutrition you can find anywhere.

Take a look around the site, get to know us, and meet us at the Cape Breton Farmers Market sometime or email us so we can get to know you!

Giving my time for you,

xo Estelle