Why we are doing what we're doing?

Today I decided it was time to share why it is that we’re farming. Especially during those times when it gets hard (in the middle of a tropical storm or when an animal gets sick) it’s nice to have a good reminder of the reasons why we are farming.

When I was 8 years old, my Dad took on his dad’s farm after being laid off from his job as a welder. Having 4 kids and a fifth on the way, he had to go back to school to qualify for a grant that he desperately needed. My grandfather’s farm was pretty run down, but my Dad knew it was what he wanted to do (and did milk cows every day for 25 years!) until he retired. Needless to say we had to help with the farm chores but I never complained (unlike my older brother lol). We also had rabbits and chickens growing up, and once me and my siblings were old enough to care for them, we decided to take turns doing it. When it got to my turn, I never stopped doing it until I moved out lol. I always enjoyed caring for the animals, and my mother gave me her green thumb. And when I was living in town to study, I missed the farm terribly.

So why am I farming you may ask? Is it for the fun of it, the vacations, the paychecks…? Right! Actually it was for the maternity leave lol… just kidding.

I tried working at a desk job, which I quickly realized I wasn’t meant to sit all day (and neither are you!). Being outside has its perks – you’re high on Vit D, you’re tan looks great – and after having 3 kids I feel the best I ever felt in my body! Yep farming gives you muscles – no gym membership required.

But what we really want to achieve here is to prove that you can make a living from farming in Cape Breton. So many people think they need to go Out West because there’s no jobs here… there’s so many opportunities to create your own business that it’s a shame so many people are moving out. Plus I love being my own boss (and the boss of my husband lo!).

And like most people, we also want to make the world a better place, and the way we chose to do it is by leaving a legacy for our children, by nurturing the soil and by creating health in our community. Looking back we’re almost 10 years in the making, and even though it can be hard, we wouldn’t trade it for anything else!

Estelle Levangie