6 Ways to get your kids to eat more Vegetables

Now that summer is here, the garden is starting to boom (along with the weeds...). I'm sure you've made lots of plans for this summer. We're just going to try to make it to the beach on hot days and maybe go camping once or twice. It's easy to have fun in the summer, as long as you make time for it! Having family from away come visit is always nice too. I just got back from France where all of my family still live. Elliot and I had a lot of fun!


Like most kids, mine don't want to eat their vegetables. They'll just fill up on carbs and meat. I keep trying to add more of them into their diet (which means less junk!) and hopefully their palate will start to change and they'll appreciate veggies more.

Here is a few tricks you can use to get them to eat more veggies:

1- Set an example: If they see you eat your veggies, they're more likely to try them. You are their role model after all!

2- Offer it to them when they're most hungry and give no other options. Just before lunch or supper, when they have to wait for the food to be ready, is the perfect time to get the veggies out!

3- Blend them with something they like: I'm thinking popsicles! Make a smoothie and add a few greens (not too much so they don't notice) and pour into popsicle molds. Stick in the freezer and Voila! My new favorite way to get some goodness into the kids. Strawberries and blueberries smoothies are so easy!

4- Get them involved: I'm not the best at it, since I like to be efficient when it comes to doing anything, but it works! Kids are more likely to eat something they helped prepare, or even better, helped grow. Starting a garden and getting your kids to help plant, water and pick is a great way for them to try theses beans and peas they've watched grow.

5- Enforce the ''One bite rule'': Research shows that children who have initially rejected a food must be exposed to it at least 8-10 times for the food to be accepted! That's a lot of rejection, but consistency pays off. Require the child to try at least one solid mouthful of a rejected food whenever it is served.

6- Make it fun: Use colorful veggies, and arrange food in patterns in their plate - a smily face is always a win in our house! Kids like their food arranged into separate piles. Also dips can be more fun for those raw carrots and broccoli.

Try to always have fresh fruits on hand, and have them in an easy to reach spot: Already peeled and cut apples, sticks of carrots. If it's available and within reach, it's half the battle!



Look at these kiwi vines growing on my parents stone and brick house in North of France!

Look at these kiwi vines growing on my parents stone and brick house in North of France!

Estelle Levangie