For the Love of Local - 5 ways to help local businesses

Isn't it nice to see the grass greening again! Spring is always so exciting here on the farm, seedling starting to grow, baby animals being born... and getting all of my office supplies for the year (or at least for a couple of month, wish I was THAT organized lol!). Getting them from the locally owned office store was a no brainer for me.

Being a local business, I know what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You've probably been faced with trying to find employment, and you know it's not that easy to get around here. Now that we are able to offer employment opportunities, it feels like we have a bigger mission that ''just'' producing nutritious food. We are also helping our employee make a living and staying in Cape Breton. It makes me happy to know that our money stays in Cape Breton. So whenever I can, I try to buy from local businesses because it means that the money you just spent is actually staying in your community, helping it grow and flourish and creating jobs.

Besides simply buying local there's a also different ways you can help local businesses:

- Give Them Stars. Good online reviews can impact other customers decisions to shop or visit. It can also help the business show up better in search engines. Didn't your husband checked that consumer report before buying that new lawnmower?

- Pay Cash. Credit cards are nice but there is that 3% of each transaction that just goes directly to the credit card processing companies, right out of the small business profit.

Connect Socially. Liking them on Facebook is a great start. If you also take time to like or share their posts, you can help them reach more potential customers. Maybe even Check in when you’re there or tag them in a post.

- Try Something New. Take time to explore unique local shops, restaurants or markets to see how these businesses impact our community. Make it a monthly event to try something new, something local, and make it a fun day or evening out with friends and family.

- Give Thanks. Small business owners face a lot of challenges, from staffing, regulations, long hours, the stress keep piling sometimes. Show them your appreciation for what they bring to the area by shopping there, and thank them for being there. It will remind them it is certainly worth it and they will thank you for it, too!

So whether it's ink for your printer, a gift for your sister's birthday or food to feed your family, choose local first! You won't believe how good it feels to know you are making a difference in your community.

And this week is fresh pork week! We are getting our piggies back from the butcher so if you want your share of delicious local meat, come to the Farmers Market on Saturday to get your fresh pork. Please send us an email to order some! We will have 9lb boxes of a mix of chops, steaks, ribs and your choice of sausage for a discount price of $50.

Hope to see you there!



Estelle Levangie